Eynomia is a symphonic prog metal group formed in late 2015 when Rutter and Bickley

met on Facebook and began trading ideas. Rutter lived in Minneapolis, where her long-term artistic

achievement and support of the music scene won her induction into the Mid-America Hall of Fame and

several Minnesota Music Awards. Bickley was a veteran of Thunderhead, a New Orleans southern prog

rock band beloved of Johnny Winter, and the touring guitarist for SNL singer Christine Ohlman and Rebel


The pair soon discovered a working chemistry—each liked what the other was able to do with their songs

—and they began talking about putting a band together. Bickley called in his long-time friend, the

drummer Gaetano Nicolosi, a conservatory-trained percussionist living in Italy, as well as keyboardist

Jimmy Pitts of NorthTale and Eternity’s End. Rutter suggested the bass player Mike LePond an in-

demand session player best known for his work in Symphony X and Silent Assassins.

MEET THE Artists

Phyllis Rutter


Phyllis Rutter has performed at the Metal Female

Voices Fest and has won multiple Minnesota Music Awards.


Lead Guitar

Chris Bickley has performed sessions with Yngwie Malmsteen,

alumni Michael Vescera, as well as Kelly Keefing (TSO, MSG),

Thunderhead & has had a track reach the Billbord Top 100.



Gaetano Nicolosi has performed numerous

drum/percussion sessions, tours, & has

been a member of the Ron Keel Band.



Jimmy Pitts has collaborated with Marco Minnemann,

Christian Muenzmen, Eternity’s End, NorthTale & members of

the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.



Bassist Mike LePond is a founding member of one of

the most successful metal bands of the past two decades

Symphony X.